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Campus Cutie Kamyaar Butt ’15

Major: Business Entrepreneurship

Class: 2015

Hometown: Redwood City, CA (650!)

Relationship Status: Currently signed to OVO

Affiliation: Pi Kappa Alpha

What are you going to do over break:

I am actually going back to the Bay for a few days because my birthday is on December 22nd (golden birthday) then going to London with my mom, aunt and three little cousins. Yes, even as a Muslim I love the holiday season…

New Years Resolution:

I actually have been volunteering at an orphanage near school once in a while because I love helping underprivileged children (low-key wanted to be a 1st grade teacher) – next year I would love to try and at least go once a week, maybe twice. Or in general, help out children whether at a school or other facility. My second New Years Resolution would be doing everything that makes me happy.

What are your favorite qualities in girls:

Witty and intellectual, with a tad bit of sarcasm. And is an adventurous eater.  Loves to get the business, too (reference: The Business – Yung Berg.)

Favorite pick-up line:

“You look so familiar… did we take a class together? I could’ve sworn we had chemistry.”

Your most romantic moment:

The person I shared it with knows, and I like that it’s between us.  

(Can we come to your 22nd birthday?)

Guilty pleasures:

Massive One Direction fan (my boy Zayn is Pakistani) and I’ve been to every Taylor Swift tour/know just about every album.

Any college regrets:

Everything I want to do, I do. So not yet. For people that know me, they know I live with no regrets

Favorite Chapman memory:

Competing in airbands was always a blast.

Plans after Chapman:

Either moving back to the Bay Area, staying in LA, or moving to New York. Depends on where the music takes me. I’ve always wanted to live in New York and experience the hustle of the city. It gets me motivated and determined just thinking about it.

Massachusetts raised, California living. I talk about my semester abroad too much (miss you, London). Follow my adventures at: OneBrickLane.Tumblr.Com 
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