Campus Celebrities: Kati Simpson & Bailey Martz

When sitting down with Kati, we ran into one of her best friends Bailey, and due to natural curiosity and a few minutes of discussion, this solo interview turned into a dual interview… You will not be disappointed, as this duo is one you want to surround yourself with.

Meet Kati Simpson


Age: 21

Year: Senior

Major: Double major in dance and communication studies

Hometown: Sammamish, Washington

Affiliation: Gamma Phi Beta

Meet Bailey Martz

Age: 22

Year: Senior

Major: Double major in French and business administration

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, California


When the questions started rolling, they couldn’t stop talking. With a witty banter between the two of them, or answering for the other, these gals truly have much to say. Here is what they said:

1. Tell me about your Chapman Involvement:

Kati: I am the Vice President of Scholarship and Standards for the Panhellenic Council, a Chapman Ambassador, Ritual Chair for Gamma Phi, a student employee for Alumni Engagement, and was an Orientation Leader. That’s pretty much it…

Bailey: Can I just say my current involvements - it would be too long otherwise? Well, I’m the President for the Panhellenic Council, a student employee at Panther Productions and was an Orientation Leader along with Kati.

2. What does Chapman mean to you?

K: As cheesy as all of this will sound, Chapman is the place that truly empowers students to follow their passions. While being here, I started a club that allowed me to go to Honduras, created my own minor and when I needed to take a semester off, I was welcomed back with open arms. The unwavering support of sisters, students, faculty and staff is truly what Chapman is.

B: Honestly, it took me while to settle in here, like a really good while. However, once I did, Chapman became everything, and I know that’s lame but all the most important parts of my life are linked to this school. I’m graduating in six months and while it’s scary and terrifying, it’s part of life, and being at Chapman for this journey has made it the best thing that has ever happened to me.  

3. What has it been like serving on the Panhellenic Council?

K: I truly love working with such a collaborative and passionate group of women serving something bigger than ourselves. The impact we make in the room when making decisions for the betterment of the eight sororities on campus transcends further than I could have ever anticipated.

B: That. Yes, exactly that. What she said. I support her, this and more.

4. Have you thought about post-grad yet?

K: *She literally laughed at me after I asked question*

B: Yes I have, but I haven’t done anything about it. I’m hoping for life to click into place after May 21.

5. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

K: Living abroad, and being a badass with Bailey. Maybe she’ll let me be one of her pets.

B: Being a badass with some dogs and a kid. Who needs to bring men into this?

6. Describe yourself in three words:

K: Bubbly, sweet, and poppy. (She also wants to note that she’s describing a champagne bottle.)

B: Conscientious -- that’s my favorite word -- sweet and sassy.


7. What’s the last book you read?

K: What was the last class I attended?

B: Can I tell you what I’m reading right now? The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan. I definitely recommend.

8. What’s your favorite memory?

K: February 7, 2011 to be exact. That’s when the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl.

B: I have the memory of an elephant so it’s really hard to choose. The summer after high school graduation. Yeah, everything about that was great.

9. What’s your personal anthem?

K: Africa by Toto... ugh you don’t know that song, okay I’ll change it. What’s a good throwback - Dancing Queen? No I take that back. Okay, actually I know all of the words to Bust a Move by Young MC, so let’s go with that.

B: Power Trip by J Cole, specifically because my sister will laugh at that.

10. What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you in a grocery store?

K: I used to work in the bakery of a grocery store, and I would give free samples to my friends when they came to visit me. Is that weird?

B:  I met Tia Mowry at Target when I was 9. Boom, fact.

11. What is a fun fact about you?

K: *This “fun fact” turned out to be an undisclosable fact for the article. Ask her personally, she’ll tell you. *  

B: I took a gap year and lived in France. I specifically lived in Paris.

12. Suggestions for Netflix?

K: I don’t have a Netflix account. Honestly, who has TV time?

B: Definitely Jane the Virgin. (Asked if she was Team Raf or Michael) Is that even a question? Team Raf...Michael not so much.

13. What is your friendship like as a duo?

K: Bailey and I haven’t known each other a full year yet and we are traveling to five countries together during interterm. If that doesn’t tell you something, I don’t know what will.

B: Well, Kati invited me to her formal and I said no, so that’s friendship, but also noting I had my own formal that night, hence why I said no, not to just spite her.

* written by Nicole Blitstein *