Beyonce Topshop Collection Debute April 2016

Get ready to be Crazy In Love because in April 2016, Beyoncé’s new Topshop clothing line will be released. 

The singer-songwriter, and actress announced her ‘athlesiure’ partnership with Topshop more than a year ago, but this Diva has been busy taking care of no longer baby Blue Ivy, running the world and just being Yoncé. Luckily, Bey’s line is expected to hit Topshop locations in 25 different countries this coming spring. 

Topshop boss Sir Phillip Green confirmed that this is going to be a huge deal, “This is about building a brand and building a business - a separate, proper business, with separate overheads and a separate office.” 

Beyoncé’s line will cover everything from shoes to dance, fitness and sports apparel, basically for people who love to be athletic or love to wear workout clothes in their leisure time.