The Best Study Spots Around Chapman

Chapman University is home to some of the best studying spots. From the Leatherby Libraries, to the on-campus Starbucks, to Argyros Forum, there are always places to study for upcoming midterms. However, everyone needs a change of scenery from time to time! There are many different places around Chapman to study that aren’t all coffee shops!


1. The Orange Public Library

Located just outside of the Circle, the Orange Public Library is one of the oldest libraries in Orange, California. This library has two floors, and numerous study rooms throughout the building. The history center is located on the second floor and serves as a resource for research and studying. Free open wi-fi is available for all devices, and the multitude of books are an additional resource for researching and writing.

2. The Subway Cafe

The Subway Cafe located on the corner of Glassell and Walnut is a great place to study near Chapman! Inside the sub shop are comfy chairs and long tables that are perfect for completing homework. In addition, Chapman students receive a free drink, chips, or cookie with the purchase of a sandwich! If you don’t feel like walking to Subway, they even offer free delivery to the residence halls.

3. Barnes & Noble

Barnes and Noble is located on Main Street and is a great place to study and be surrounded by books. This Barnes & Noble features a café where you can order food and coffee to assist you with your studies. It also features two floors with plenty of seating and free wi-fi. It’s a great way to get off of campus to study while being influenced by new authors and books.


4. The Beach

Chapman University is just a few minutes away from some of the most beautiful beaches in Southern California. Why not take advantage of the waters just outside of Orange? Newport Beach is only around 20 minutes away, and is a great place to sit on the sand and do some reading or studying for a class! Bring friends and food for a study sesh, and see how much work you can get done!