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Best Ice Cream Spots Near Chapman

Wherever you are, it is important to know the best ice crea spots in town. Around Chapman, there are a variety of places to satisfy different ice cream cravings. Below is the list of top ice cream spots around Chaptown.

In the circle we have two awesome spots: Cafe Lucca & A La Minute. Cafe Lucca has a huge selection of delicious gelato and A La Minute has a more ecclectic mix of nitrogen ice cream. Both of these hot spots are walking distance from the dorms!

We also have Pop Bar located at the Anaheim Packing Distric and Pressed Juice Freeze located at Fashion Island. These delicious frozen treats are worth the drive! At Pop Bar you can find a selection of sorbet, gelato, and ice cream and top it with dark chocolate, white chocolate, nuts and more! Pressed Juice Freeze is not technically ice cream-it’s actually dairy free and made primarily from coconut meat. This is a great place to go with dairy-free friends and if you’re in the mood for a healthier option. I recommend vanilla with almond butter, rasberries, & chocolate covered goji berries. Yum!

If you’re looking for a very filling and hearty ice cream check out Afters Ice Cream and BJs. Afters is known for their milky bun which is a warm donut ice cream sandwhich! BJs is known for Pizookies which are warm delcious cookies topped with ice cream. You can’t go wrong with these amazing combinations!


Other spots to check out are Ghirardelli (located at Downtown Disney) which has amazing ice cream sundaes. Also in the neighborhood is Creamistry, Farrell’s & Hans’.

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