Badass Women in Hollywood

During a time where abuse of women in the entertainment industry is prevalent in media coverage, it is important to address this concern. However, in contrast to the negativity, it is also important to remember the amazing things being done in Hollywood today and how powerful female artists continue to create innovative and moving projects despite the daily battles with sexism and patriarchy. I think we should take a minute to laud these positive influences in light of current events. 


1. Orange is the New Black

Based on the true story by Piper Kerman, this Netflix show displays a dynamic and almost entirely female cast. Set in a women’s prison, we gain insight into the lives of a variety of women from diverse backgrounds. There is commentary on patriarchy, sexuality and the prison system intermixed with a compelling storyline. Orange is the New Black tells female stories that are often left untold.

2. Emma Watson

A child star turned advocate, Emma Watson is an unrelenting proponent of women’s rights. She has used her platform from the Harry Potter series on various occasions. In 2011, Watson was declared a United Nations (UN) Women Goodwill Ambassador and spoke at the UN about "He For She," a program designed to promote gender equality. In addition to this, she continues to act, model, and has a degree from Brown University.

3. Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum plays leading lady, Fiona Gallagher, in Showtime’s Shameless. When it came to her attention that the man who plays her father on screen made more money for an almost identically relevant part, she personally advocated for equal pay to the network. Her relentless effort resulted in her own equal pay but also motivated all women to advocate for themselves in any workplace. She also has begun directing certain episodes of Shameless and trying her hand at the technical side of the entertainment industry. She has advocated her belief that women need to be present in the entertainment industry so that female stories not only are told, but are told accurately.