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Attack of the Ugly Christmas Sweaters


The holidays are a time for spending time with loved ones, laughing while drinking hot coco with freinds, and a time that the ugly sweaters come out of hiding. Having to RSVP to all those ugly christmas sweater parties can get exhausting, and also expensive when you keep having to raid the closes goodwill, it can add up quickly! There are two types of people at those parties; those who go above and beyond and may go as far as finding a matching pair of pants, and throw on a santa hat, or there is always that one girl who wears a tight black skirt, black tights, and her hair all done up hoping that she can make the Christmas sweater as trendy as possible. Yes there are some cute sweaters with cute little snowmen and fat santa clauses causing the eye some stress when looking at the fabric, and then there are some that light up causing a potential seizure to anyone who looks at it for too long. The whole obession with ugly Christmas sweaters is a funny one. Who would have thought that wearing something that is known to be ugly would be something people strive to own. The competition aslpect of these sweaters has also entered the world and caused quite controversy. The best sweater at the party gets more marshmellows in their hot chocolate! Families are now wearing these Christmas sweaters in their Christmas card pictures, a anual picture that shows relatives and friends how grown up the kids have gotten, and clearly now how their style has deteriorated. It is a very entertaining subject, one that raises questions, and brings tears to eyes from laughter. Also, it has now become a trend to have pop lyrics tranisitioned into Christmas sweaters, adding that 21st century feel. Lyrics by rapper Drake have taken the world by storm. As our society evolves, so do the ugly Christmas sweaters. A newfound tradition between friend groups, easy theme ideas for parties, even if it is not holiday season. These sweaters bring pleasure and laughter to those who wish to waltz around in the newest holiday fashion. 

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