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“OMG YOU ARE SOOO AMAZING I LOVE YOU ARTHUR!!!” “Best voice ever!” “Marry me?!” are some of the many comments found on Arthur Garros’ YouTube page. With nearly 32,000 subscribers to date, Arthur, 19, has accumulated quite the fanbase for his music. Traveling to Chapman all the way from Connecticut, Arthur is a sophomore BA Music major.

With a heavy workload, social life, job, and choir, Arthur still finds a way to reach out to fans across the globe through his videos and social media accounts. I sat down with Arthur this weekend (at our living room table, actually) and discussed everything from YouTube to his future. 

CH: What got you into music?

AG: I don’t know what got me into music. I’ve always loved music since I was little. Music fascinates me. It takes me to another element. Music is a language that can communicate so many different feelings to people, and I want to use that medium to bring hope and happiness to others’ lives.

CH: Who are some of your favorite artists?

AG: I’m really liking Milky Chance, Chet Faker, Sam Smith, Tove Lo, The Weeknd, Kygo, Aluna George, John Newman, Disclosure, and A$AP Rocky.

CH: What is your favorite song of the moment?

AG: “Odd Look” – Kavinsky (feat. The Weeknd). I think that the pairing of the The Weeknd’s vocals combined with Kavinsky’s signature sound is unexpected but comes together so perfectly.

CH: How would you describe your musical style?

AG: My style is still developing. It’s definitely influence by the artists that I enjoy. I am in the process of writing and producing a lot of new work, and my style continues to come together because of it.

CH: Why did you choose to come to Chapman?

AG: I always dreamt of coming to California for school. I love the state because of the ocean, the beach, and the sun. I researched and found the school that had the most of my interests combined. I just knew that being at such a well-established school in this area would give me every platform to thrive. I didn’t come to Chapman for music. I came for business, but had a change of heart second semester. 

CH: How did you get started with YouTube?

AG: I started with YouTube when I was around 12 years old at Christmas time. All I would do was listen to my iPod as my source of music. But when all these YouTube cover artists started coming up, I found so many renditions of my favorite songs. I loved the aspect of people making songs their own. It wasn’t long before I got involved with this movement and began posting my own videos. When I started getting a response, I realized I was reaching out to people and connecting with them through that medium. And I have continued to do that ever since!

CH: What has been the most rewarding part of being a YouTube artist?

AG: When people tell me that I’ve changed their lives, or made their day better. There’s moments when you feel “this is why I do this.”

CH: How does it feel to have 3,658,338 million views on your videos?

AG: It feels…it’s untangible. I just know that when I was little and I would see people with millions and millions of views, and I remember wanting it. And now that I have it, it feels like I’ve accomplished a past goal of mine, which is definitely rewarding.

CH: What are your hopes for the future of Arthur Garros?

AG: I want a large amount of expansion, which I’m planning currently. Not only creating a community but also a movement. I want to start putting my own music out there, and speaking to people. I want to make my own mark.


But with his talent, he already has.


Check out Arthur!

YouTube: www.youtube.com/ArthurGarrosMusic

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ArthurGarrosMusic

Twitter: @arthurgarros

Instagram: @arthurgarros

Vine: @arthurgarros

Snapchat: @itsarthurgarros


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