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8 Signs You’re in a Long Distance Relationship

1. Skype has a special place in your heart

The word “skype” invokes special sentimental feelings others might not understand. Hours go by and the only subjects you covered were tonight’s food lineup at the caf and your undying love for each other. However, it feels like you unlock monumental secrets about each other with each skype session.

2. Your beau is a celebrity among your friends

They have never seen him. Your friends sometimes even question if he is real, secretly wondering if he is this lover you’ve imagined and photoshopped yourself into pictures with. However, your boyfriend is talked about as though he were a part of the group. Your amigos all have inside jokes about your boo and even have one-on-one casual conservations on the phone with him.

3. You have a sacred mural of your boyfriend on your wall

Remember the mean chick from Hey Arnold? The one who always picked on Arnold’s football head but built a shrine devoted to him in her closet? You probably have a similar set up of your beloved, minus the candles and replica statue (or maybe you do, all relationships are different). It’s totally normal to have a gigantic heart-shaped mural of photos dedicated to your sweetheart. Don’t lie, you’ve probably even pecked his CVS-printed face when your roommate wasn’t looking.

4. You spend half of your night roaming campus on the phone

Your hall knows you as that girl who is always on her phone. You tackle the Antarctic temperatures at 1:00 am to get in more time with your main squeeze. An hour passes and you’ve suddenly ended up on the main campus by Beckman Hall. It feels like Christmas came early when your roomie decides that yes, just this one night, you can virtually PDA within the warm perimeters of your dorm walls while she does her microeconomics homework.

5. Reunions are literally like scenes from The Notebook. In an airport.

The moment you descend the escalator and lock eyes for the first time after months apart, the airport terminal becomes an African safari. You and your lover are lions and fellow travelers are gazelles, running away in terror as you and your long distance beau tackle each other with aggressive displays of public affection. You two are Noah and Allie, and a Nicholas Sparks story plot could not tear you guys apart.

6. Everyone thinks you’re on your honeymoon when you visit each other

You and your boyfriend will most likely be mistaken as a high school couple celebrating their one week anniversary when people pass by. Visits to see each other are better than eating pizza on your birthday, and you cling like koalas to one another every second of the trip.

7. You have to deal with other people’s skepticism

Some people can’t help but express their pessimism over your relationship. They tell you that the miles will break your bond, but you know that these people just don’t get it.

8. You know everything is worth it

Everyone tells you that dating someone within your geographic region would be so much easier. And of course you agree, but you’re in a long distance relationship for a reason. You wouldn’t want to love anyone else. He’s worth it.

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