8 Reminders You're Single During the Holiday Season

1. When you’re standing under the mistletoe and realize you don’t stand a chance

2. When your best friend’s boyfriend asks you what to get her for Christmas

3. When you’re at Christmas dinner and you face the god awful question “do you have a boyfriend?"

4. When you go Christmas shopping and uncontrollable anger emerges when you see cute couples walking around the local mall

5. When you go skiing and you are are the third wheel on the chairlift

6. When your remember you have to go to your friend's New Years Eve party, panic, and immediately start planning your 11:55 p.m. bathroom break

7. When the only warmth in your life is cuddling up with your favorite pillow pet next to the ever reliable Yuletide Log

8. When you’re date to all the holidays parties rotates between your brother, your cousin, and your neighbor