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8 Non-Physical Qualities That Make a Girl Attractive

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapman chapter.

While physical characteristics are something guys notice about a girl the first time they meet them, it’s the deeper qualities that make them stay. Here are 8 qualities that make you gorgeous and have nothing to do with your hair, lips, or your eyes. 

1. Culture: This is an important one. Step out of your comfort zone and explore. Getting to know other cultures is an experience that will bring you not only unforgettable memories, but will create an open mind for the future. Being open to something new means you are a girl that is not afraid of adventure and you are daring enough to go out and actually have it.  

2. Standards: Usually, a guy can tell what kind of standards you set for yourself just by talking to you. This includes the people you surround yourself with, the way you let other people treat you and your friends, and the way you treat yourself. A woman’s standards reflect her self-worth and what she thinks of herself. A girl with high standards doesn’t let people use her or step all over her because she has too much respect for herself to let that happen. 

3. Goals: Goals are a major part of growing up and they show maturity. It is the start of the journey from being a girl to becoming a woman. Setting educational, physical, spiritual, and career goals helps a girl focus on who she wants to be. They show that you are ambitious and you know what you want. 

4. Family: The way a girl treats her family now can tell a lot about future relationships. The importance she gives to her loved ones tells you where her mind is. It’s very easy to prioritize small every day things, but you should never forget about the people who are always there for you. It shows loyalty and patience for your family members, even through the hard times. 

5. Conversation: Finding a girl with amazing conversation skills is rare. It is an accomplishment when you can talk to someone about more than just partying or gossip. Some girls choose to wear revealing clothes to distract guys but when it comes down to it, conversation is what will keep true attraction going. 

6. Spontaneity: Spontaneity is an attractive quality to have. It can be something as small as going to a new restaurant on a Tuesday or something as big as planning a trip. Anything that will change up a daily routine works. It shows that you can adapt to different situations and you are creative in your activities. 

7. Hobbies: Hobbies mean a girl is passionate about something, no matter what it is. They show her various interests outside of the typical things and they are important to have. These hobbies, however, shouldn’t be obsessions but more of something you enjoy doing in your free time.

8. Music: What a girl listens to can tell a lot more about her than you think. There are exceptions of course, but a lot of times it can describe her personality. That being said, what matters is what the music means to you. What do you love about it? How do the lyrics relate to you or your life? Music can speak louder than words; it can describe an indescribable feeling. 

Jacky is an Advertising and Public Relations major at Chapman UniversityInsta: jackysalome