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8 Movies to Watch When You Want to Cry

Bridge to Terabithia, also known as the saddest movie of your childhood, is the perfect movie to watch if you want to ugly sob. With this film, you get to experience the full spectrum of human emotion: happiness, wonder, extreme sadness, anger. Frankly, it’s the perfect movie for any occasion, not just for crying, but you do you.


This film has a lot of laughs in store, but Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, as you could probably guess from the title, deals with death. You’ll definitely have those gross, dry-heaving sobs by the end of the movie.


Stuck in Love has everything: family drama, affairs, cynics, and peeping toms. Mixed up into that mess are several instances of heartbreak, one of which is sure to get your tears jerkin’.


What list of movies to cry at would be complete without The Fault in Our Stars? The film gives you hope and takes it all away in a flash, which is synonymous to getting your heart ripped out of your chest with Wolverine’s claws.


Marley and Me is so sad that I am literally crying right now just thinking about it. Prepare to get your heart wrecked by the world’s worst (aka best) dog.


Prepare to dig out all of your old toys and cry over your lost childhood!!


This! Movie! Is! So! Sad! You will spend a solid half of the movie just sobbing your eyes out and begging the movie to stop ripping your heart wide open.


This quote about Me Before You basically sums up all of my feelings about this film. I can’t look at yellow and black striped tights the same way anymore.


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