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7 Ways To Kick Out Your Randomly Assigned Roommate



Tips on how to finally get rid of your unwanted roommate!

1. Ignore her.

The RA never said anything about having to actually talk to your roommate, and trust me, she’ll start feeling really awkward after day three. Side note: it’s very effective if you ignore her while she’s blatantly upset/crying.

2. Never flush the toilet.

Kind of disgusting, but who wants to live with someone who doesn’t the flush the toilet? Hopefully not her.

3. Pretend to have nightmares, sleep-scream, and sleep walk.    

Not only will she probably be very freaked out and uncomfortable, but she also won’t be able to say anything, as you can’t help it if you subconsciously scream her name in your “sleep” every night.

4. Get dirty. 

Dorm rooms are so small that your mess soon becomes their mess too, so if your roommate happens to be a neat freak, nothing will stress her out more than your dirty clothes and shoes all over the floor.

5. Listen to music.

Your roommate hates rap music? Blast that shit on full volume while she’s studying and then invite your friends over to hang out, just make sure to do it in the day so you don’t get busted by the RA for being a bitch.

6. Take long showers. 

Preferably in the morning when you know she’s overslept and has class, she’ll be late, and it’s not your fault that you always just happen to get up seconds before her. Also if you’re really lucky, there will be no hot water left by the time she gets in.

7. Keep it cool

Turn that AC unit to the coldest setting and then complain constantly about being hot if she even attempts to turn it off. Although you’ll have to suffer as well, it’ll be worth it when she FINALLY packs up her shit and leaves.


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