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7 Vintage/DIY Pieces Your Closet is Craving

Now we all know thrift shopping isn’t exactly a lazy shopper’s dream—you’ve gotta dig to find the good stuff! But the hard work pays off eventually; plus, your closet and wallet will love you. Keep an eye out for these trendy-again pieces next time you hit up Buffalo Exchange or Goodwill.

1. A Pair of Overalls 

Dungarees are a super cute and comfortable alternative for when you really just can’t talk yourself into wearing pants. Lucky for you, they were all the rage in the late nineties, meaning other people’s spring-cleaning rituals are your best friend.

DIY Tip: Flick them with an old toothbrush and some bleach to give them that acid washed look.

2. A Long-Sleeved Crop

Some of the softest shirts in my closet are from thrift stores; you can find more expensive fabrics for a cheaper price. Choose a neutral color for a versatile piece.

DIY Tip: Take some scissors and snip off the bottom half of your fave shirt. Easy peasy!

3. A Funky Hat 

Instead of spending your whole paycheck on that gorg one from Anthropologie that you’ve been craving, pick an oldie up from your nearest thrift store.

DIY Tip: Can’t find the style you like? Grab some fabric paint and an old beaded necklace to achieve the look you want.

4. An Embroidered Denim Jacket

Whether it has a Harley Davidson or Mickey Mouse logo, you’re guaranteed not to see a replica of yours on campus anytime soon.

DIY Tip: Can’t find one? Grab some iron-ons and an old denim jacket, and make one of your own.

5. A Fur Vest 

Faux of course! Try to find an oversized one to add a cozy flair to any outfit. Faux fur insures you don’t get too overheated on those warm spring days. 

DIY Tip: You can find an old fur coat and cut the sleeves off to achieve the same look; just be careful not to trim the fur when you do.

6. A Pair of Boyfriend Jeans 

Instead of splurging on the pair from Urban you’ve been wanting, find an old pair in the men’s section.

DIY Tip: To make them super-torn, tear a hole instead of cutting one for more of a natural look. Then, put them in the dryer on high heat for extra frayed goodness.

7. A Faded Flannel 

It seems like everyone these days knows that a thrift store is a mecca for flannels; you can find nearly any color or style you’re looking for.

DIY Tip: Spray yours down with lemon juice, then leave it on the hood of your car in the sun for an uber-faded look.

SoCal girl with an unhealthy obsession for man buns.
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