The 7 People You Meet During O-Week

The 7 People You Meet During O Week

1) The Roommate(s)

This is probably the first person/people you’ve met. They seem great! You’re made for each other and you’re the best of friends! What could go wrong? Only the prospect of living in a closet sized space for a year.

2) The Frat Guy

Your first party as a college student! You’re excited, your outfit is adorable, you have your new friends with you, and you’re ready for a scene out of Clueless or Legally Blonde. Your Uber rolls up to the party, and you find yourself surrounded by sweaty boy-men covered in Greek letters, sweat, and a mixture of Smirnoff and insecurity.

3) The Athlete

Pretty much the same as the Frat Guy, just add some unnecessary testosterone and brain altering concussions.

4) The Instagram Model

Why is this girl wearing Gucci sneakers during orientation events? Why does her social media following have a “K” in it? No one really knows why she’s famous, but they’re all in awe anyway.

5) The Super Senior (College Edition)

Is he a professor? Is he a super senior? Nope. He’s just a lurking grad. He may seem cool and friendly, but I’d advise you to keep a two mile radius of him at all times.

6) The Stoner

So you met a pretty chill guy at a party, he’s not dancing all crazy, he’s not chugging from a nondescript bottle, he just wants to talk about the cosmos, pipes, astrology, philosophy… and more pipes.

7) The Orientation Leaders

A unique blend of mom and cheerleader. You have no idea how they have that much energy, but they really are a source of support and knowledge.  

All in all, some people will come and some will go. College is the time to meet new people and have new experiences, whether positive or negative, and learn from them. You’ll go through lists like this and eventually find the people that truly matter and support you.