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7 Cringeworthy Things Your Mom Does on Social Media as Told By Parks and Rec

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapman chapter.
  1. Your mom finds it necessary to post all the time.  

I’m talking five posts today about you, your pets or just various articles that her friends have posted that she finds it necessary to share, retweet or regram.  


2. She overuses hashtags.  

Unlike you, your mom hasn’t gotten over the #hashtag #everything #phase


3. When you accepted her friend request you didn’t know that all of your notifications would become her liking all of your posts.

You appreciate the gesture but at the same time it can be a bit much.  


4. She thinks her part-time job is now posting embarassing photos of you.

I’m talking a revival of the awkward bangs and braces stage. Yeah, that bad.  


5. Perhaps the most embarassing, when your mom goes on a follow spree and follows all of your friends.  

The day after all of your friends tell you that not only did they accept her request, but they also followed her back. Yay.  

6. She created her account yet she still hasn’t really gotten the hang of it, so she constantly asks you how to make a post, send a friends request and share a video.


7. No matter how annoying, you love having your mom on social media because it’s just another place where you can show each other cute puppy videos.