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6 Times Bridget Jones Was Everyone’s Spirit Animal

Let’s admit it. Bridget Jones is every college girl’s spirit animal. From her quirkiness and clumsiness, to her ability to get herself into every awkward situation imaginable, Bridget Jones reminds us that we are not expected to have our lives together 100 percent of the time. Here are six times we could all relate to Bridget Jones:

1. When you have given up on a love life.  

Food > boys. Let’s be real, who needs a relationship when you have ice cream...right?  

2. When you try to give the illusion that you have your life together, but in reality...

We all have those days.

3. When you speak before you think, and then struggle to back out of what you said

We've all been there. 

4. When awkward and embarrassing moments seem to follow you wherever you go

Nobody saw that, right?

5. When you know you have so many things to do, and yet hibernation feels like the best option 

Responsibilities? What are those?

6. When everyone tells you life is about balance, but you know that that is logically impossible

College life. Enough said.

Let's all learn to embrace the Bridget Jones inside of us.  

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