6 Dresses to Spice Up Your Valentine's Day

With a little under two weeks left until Valentine's Day, it's time to put in those orders for the perfect holiday outfit. Whether you're celebrating with your S.O. or going out to dinner with your girls, here are six dresses that will make you want to ditch the pj's and ice cream and get glammed up. Happy Valentine's Day!

1. Bell Raiser Crepe Dress. Nastygal, $78.

2. Kimchi Blue Cotton Pippin Day Dress. Urban Outfitters, $69.

3. Kimchi Blue Scallop Lace Bodycon Dress. Urban Outfitters, $79.

4. Rebel Rebel Faux Leather Dress. Tobi, $58.

5. Antigua Maxi Dress. For Love & Lemons, $288.

6. Deco Lace Bodycon Tunic. Topshop, $95.

Which dress is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!