50 Reasons Why I'm Already Done with Spring Semester

Whether you are a second-semester freshman or senior, spring semester is always the hardest push. It's the last leg of a journey where the destination actually matters. This is a time when you start to question your existence more than usual and wonder what you are doing with your life each time you snooze your alarms in the morning. Here’s an extensive list as to why this semester already sucks after only being about one-fifth of the way into it.


  1. You’re already broke from catching up with everyone at brunch.

  2. You’re exhausted from staying in for hours indoors at a time.

  3. None of your friends are in the same section of this class with you.

  4. You don't want to make new friends in these classes where you don’t know anyone in.

  5. Finals week is already terrifying.

  6. It’s raining outside. #barelyoutofthedrought

  7. You don’t want to buy more textbooks.

  8. You got dropped or dropped a class.

  9. You already have no time to yourself.

  10. Who knows the last time you ate or actually made a meal?

  11. Your New Year’s resolution has already been broken.

  12. Rent’s due.

  13. Your planner is already booked with things to do every day.

  14. Your Google calendar is scary.

  15. One professor has already assigned a group project.

  16. You hate this class but you need it to graduate.

  17. You haven’t touched a dog in a while.

  18. Your parents don’t want to transfer more cash into your bank account.

  19. Or your direct deposit isn’t in yet.

  20. You ran out of tries on this problem on the homework.

  21. Season 2 of Stranger Things isn’t close enough but it makes sense that it’s coming back on Halloween.

  22. One of your best friends is abroad this semester.

  23. Everyone is turning 21 without you.

  24. You can’t make it to your class within 10 minutes of your previous class.

  25. Groceries are expensive and you can barely feed yourself.

  26. The gym is too full.

  27. The FWB isn’t hitting you up anymore.

  28. Rick and Morty isn’t back yet.

  29. You resort to memes for entertainment.

  30. Political arguments on Facebook.

  31. Politics in general.

  32. Labs that take more than two hours or labs that take the entire time.

  33. Getting injured due to slippery staircases.

  34. Already not getting enough sleep.

  35. Being so done you get drunk on a Tuesday night.

  36. Having your friends put you on their Snapchat story because of said Tuesday night turn-up.

  37. Already living in the library during week two.

  38. Losing your one syllabus and your professor hasn’t put anything online yet.

  39. Tuition needs to be paid.

  40. Losing a Snapchat streak.

  41. Feeling like death inside and out due to any and every reason.

  42. Not being free during your professor’s office hours.

  43. Getting into deep trouble because of your finsta.

  44. Seeing how stupid people are when driving in the rain.

  45. Having a professor that actually takes attendance when attendance is not a part of your grade.

  46. Overbooking yourself.

  47. No one wants to “cash me ousside.”

  48. That person from Tinder isn’t messaging you back.

  49. Eating all of your groceries in one day.

  50. Pretending that everything is fine.