5 Super Cute DIY Spoils-Week Ideas to Make Any Little Swoon

DIY Spa in a Jar

How cute is this idea? Grab a few travel-sized bath items in the checkout line at Forever 21 or Sephora and toss them in a mason jar and you’re golden! Helpful hint: If you don’t mind reliving 6th grade, take a peek in Claire’s for some super-cheap nail polish/nail clipper sets. For more instruction head to Tidbits and Twine

DIY Sharpie Mugs

Now you might be thinking this isn’t for you if you don’t have a super-artistic side. But no worries! Even drawing your sorority symbol and writing your little’s name can do the trick for these cute, useful mugs. Snag some cheap mugs in the sale aisle at Marshalls and get to work! For more instruction, head to ehow.com!

DIY Candy Messages

Let’s be honest, everyone loves gifts involving food. Why not include a heartfelt message along with your sweet treat? Copy this idea directly or makeup your own catchy phrase with some of your favorite candies. Pinterest has plenty!

DIY Bleach Pen Shirt

Ain’t got time to order custom sorority shirts that cost you the price of 17 Pumpkin Spice Lattes and take way, way too long to come in? Make your own shirt for a fraction of the cost! Just grab a shirt from a nearby Michael’s (or even Brandy if you’re willing to spend a little more) and use a bleach pen to write out your own unique message!  Take a look at this how-to on PolkaPics!

DIY Flips Bags


Finally, I’m going to add another food idea, because food. If you don’t have a colored printer at your disposal, buy some ABC letter stickers at Michael’s and stick ‘em on a little piece of paper!  Use some string to secure and you’re golden! See the detailed tutorial on Mothers Niche