5 Products to Refresh Your Makeup After a Long Day of Classes

After a full busy day, sometimes it's nice to take a minute to refresh your face. Whether you plan on going out or staying in, there are always simple steps that can be taken to make yourself feel better and freshen up your look.



If you’re an oily girl like me, taking a simple blotting sheet to your skin can do wonders after a long day of running from class to class. It’s kind of gross when the sheet turns from blue to clear, but its refreshing knowing that all of that excess oil is no longer on your skin.




If you are not an oily person, you probably don’t need to do this step, but after blotting, it’s always nice to powder and make sure that the oils you just got off your face stay gone.



Whether it is the Morphe M535 or something more defined like the MAC 217, blending brushes can be a great tool after a long day of classes. Sometimes no matter how good your primer is, eyeshadow can be prone to creasing. This is where some quick windshield wiper motions of the brush to blend it out can do wonders.



In my mind, mascara is ALWAYS the solution to every problem. A few simple coats of mascara after the initial application has faded can take a simple look from worn to dramatic.



This step is optional, but if you have time, a touch of blush can add some color and brighten the face. In the case of this blush, the slight sheen can also give a subtle glow to the fac,e making it seem like you put a lot more effort in than you actually did.


When it comes down to it, there’s a certain time that your makeup is expired and it’s time for bed. There’s only so much that products can do at that point and I suggest sleep because it is obviously the solution to everything. However, if you don’t have that option, I wish you the best and hopefully these simple tips can help you out!