5 Places To Get Your Holiday Cheer On

It's finally here. Thanksgiving has passed and tradition states that the Christmas season has begun. “Today’s Holiday Hits” are officially being played on everyone’s Pandora stations and hot chocolate has become an essential beverage. Although as a college student, it is a common thought that we must wait until we return to our homes to fully experience the holiday cheer. These local and free destinations prove otherwise.

1. The Grove

If you have time to venture out to Los Angeles for the day, The Grove is a great place to visit and will get anyone into the holiday spirit. The outdoor complex offers lots of great shops, restaurants, and even a farmers market all donned with Christmas decorations.

2. The Circle

The Circle in Old Towne, Orange has recently been decorated with wreaths along the roads and in the middle there are even large light-up lawn decorations. The center tree is lit up too. Taking a walk down a night for a study break is a must.

3. Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney is the free part of Disneyland and although it doesn’t contain any rides, it does offer many shops and restaurants to entertain visitors. During the holidays, Disney transforms the shopping area and makes it a wintertime village complete with an ice rink and holiday cottages.

4. Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade

The Boat Parade has been named one of the top ten holiday happenings in the nation by New York Times and is a must see. Every year, owners of boats and yachts docked in the piers decorate their vessels and sail them around 14 miles to allow everyone on the coast to admire the holiday spectacular.

5. Irvine Spectrum

Irvine Spectrum is a huge shopping center that lets you get your Christmas shopping done, all while enjoying a plethora of Christmas decorations. They even set up an ice rink all complete with a fully decorated tree.