5 Places to Get Fashionable Workout Clothes

For most girls, one of the biggest struggles when going to the gym is putting together the perfect outfit. While this may seem basic in its context, the gym (especially in college) tends to be a runway for who can create the best casual but cute ensemble. Most think the only way to achieve this look is by walking into Lululemon and purchasing everything the store has to offer. Most also can’t actually afford to do this. Ladies, don’t give up hope just yet. Here are some cheaper options that will give you the tools you need to access your perfect gym look.

1. Nordstrom Rack. While this isn’t the first place people think of for workout gear, Nordstrom actually offers a lot of high quality name brands and the Rack is a great place to find them at a discounted price. You can always find a pair of Nike running shorts and sometimes there are even great deals on running shoes and accessories. It's a great place to check out if you are interested in finding high quality products for a cheaper price. 

2. Target. Target’s apparel department has really improved in the last couple of years, and their activewear department is no exception. I have found some really great tops for less than half of what I would be paying at a more expensive store. Their products are really consistent and their sports bra selection is great.

3. Forever 21

Although Forever 21 may not be the best in quality, it is a great place to invest in basic workout pieces for a cheap price. If you ever need a baggy tee or a fitted tank top, definitely start your search here. There are a lot of options for a really affordable price. 

4. Fabletics 

Co-founded by Kate Hudson, this online store provides a lot of trendy options for the gym. This is the one-stop-shop for cool and fashionable pieces that are great for the gym. It's basically a cheaper version of Lululemon. While the store is only online, the site is really easy to maneuver and offers a wide range of products.

5. Old Navy

While the women's clothes might not tailor to the younger college crowd, their activewear department offers a lot of variety. They have a lot of fun styles for basic pieces and make a pair of leggings or a baggy sweater more personal.