5 Fashion Trends to Look Out For This Spring

This year on the runway, hundreds of different designers debuted new and exciting work in Spring 2018. A few top trends seemed to make their way across many different designers. Here are 5 of them:

1. Mixed Prints

Straight from London Fashion Week, it's trendy to play with patterns! Whether sporting evening or day wear, don't be afraid to mix floral and polka dots, stripes, or any other pattern. Just remember to keep the color palette similar. 

2. Pastels

Nothing says spring like pastels, and this timeless look can have an updated twist in your wardrobe! Try a matching top and pants set or a flowing dress.

3. Prominent Logos

We all have a lot to say nowadays, why not show it in our clothes? Wear loud graphic tees or purses with and logo or saying and pair it with jewelry, a jean jacket, and a skirt to tie the look together. 

4. Transparency

Show a little skin, but in a sophisticated way that leaves something to the imagination. Try a silky cutout dress or keep it more casual with a transparent top and a lacy bralette. 

5. Fringe

Take it back to the roaring 20's with this fun trend. Fringed dresses, shirts, or even jeans are making their way towards mainstream fashion.