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5 DIY Halloween Crafts to Make Your House Cute and Spooky!

Have you ever wanted to make your house look cute and spooky for Halloween but haven’t been creative enough to do anything? Wait no longer because these DIY ideas are easy and affordable, with cuteness to boot!

DIY spell book to give your house a witchy vibe.

If you just want to stack them on top of each other, all you need are leather book covers that you have distressed and webbed to your liking. If you want to have an open book like the one pictured, just take an old book you don’t read anymore and simply paint over the pages and add your own spell. The creepy spiders are optional!


A DIY mummy front door is cute and spooky!

All you need are streamers or even toilet paper. Just wrap the paper around your door and tape along the edges to make the door look like an ancient mummy. Using construction paper, make two giant eyes peeking out for the perfect bashful mummy!


DIY witch pumpkin is seriously too cute! Just paint your medium-sized pumpkin green and then draw on some spooky witch features. Use some yarn to give her hair and grab a witch hat for the perfect witchy companion.


DIY spooky mini house for a haunted town right on your bookshelf. All you need is a birdhouse and black spray paint for these spooky ghost houses. Add some spider webs or fake birds to your house for an extra creepy look!


DIY spooky picture lanterns upgrades your house from cute to downright creepy. Get four picture frames and nail them together. Instead of pictures, attach vellum paper with creepy drawings printed on. Next, put a candle inside, and spook your guests!


All of these DIY ideas will make your Halloween absolutely spooktacular!


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