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5 Desserts To Have at Thanksgiving

Every year on Thanksgiving, my family brings out the good ol' pumpkin pie after we’ve stuffed ourselves with the likes of turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing. However, my aunt always brings a different dessert other than pumpkin pie in case anybody doesn't want to have it. That got me thinking about different types of sweets you can serve after the huge meal. So, here are 5 desserts (aside from pumpkin pie) that you can make for Thanksgiving Day.


1. Pecan Pie

Okay, this is also sort of a dessert staple for the holidays, albeit less so than pumpkin pie. But it is still a delicious autumnal treat to serve on Thanksgiving. This sugary treat surrounded by a delicious, flaky crust is sure to get people excited for dessert.


2. Apple Pie

This is a traditional American dessert served on a traditional American holiday. And even though that holiday is usually the Fourth of July, why not have it for Thanksgiving too? Your family would definitely enjoy it nonetheless. Break out the vanilla ice cream, and enjoy the apple goodness.  

3. Chocolate Pie

This is the dessert my aunt usually brings over as the other dessert. People usually don't associate chocolate with Thanksgiving desserts, and that is a shame because chocolate, in my opinion, is a wonderful thing to have on any occasion. This particular pie doesn't have the regular flaky crust, instead there’s a chocolate lining that makes it extra chocolaty. Oh, and it's best served with whipped cream.


4. Pumpkin Bundt Cake

Yes, this is also a pumpkin flavored dessert. However this is a cake, and much like chocolate, you don't see cakes a lot during Thanksgiving. My mother would make this cake during Thanksgiving break, and I’d always love digging into it. For extra flavor, you could add white chocolate chips inside the cake (that’s not my way of doing it, but that’s a personal preference). Also, it’s great with a glaze on top, or it could be delicious with cinnamon sprinkled on top.

5. Gingerbread Cookies

I’m not talking about the classic gingerbread man cookies you'd serve at Christmas. This type of gingerbread cookie is called a “Paleo” gingerbread cookie. Rolled in sugar, they are just as delicious as the classic gingerbread cookie. And this chewy treat could also be considered a good segue into the Christmas season.


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