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5 Celebs To Follow On Snapchat

We all use Snapchat everyday and lucky for us, so do celebrities. It’s a fun way to peek into their extravagant lives. Here are some celebrities worth following.

1.  Calvin Harris (calvinharris)

Whether he is playing a club in Vegas or cruising through Westwood with his best friend, you can always count on Taylor Swift’s bae to have great snaps. Taylor’s cats have even made it on his snap story!

2. Joe Jonas (joseadam)

Simply put, his snaps of him and Gigi Hadid are #RelationshipGoals.

3.  Jimmy Fallon (fallonsnap)

He’s just as adorable on Snapchat as he is on The Tonight Show

4. Justin Bieber (RickTheSizzler)

Justin isn’t afraid to show off, often flashing his body or tattoos on his story. It satisfies the tween girl in all of us. 

5. Kylie Jenner (KylizzleMyNizzl)

Her Snapchat stories are just as ridiculous and wild as you can imagine.

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