5 Adorable Ways to Nail This New 'Athleisure' Trend

Whether it’s 8am or noon, it can be sincerely hard to roll out of bed early enough to pick out something cute to wear to class. However, you might not have realized this, but you are currently living in a generation where workout clothes are genuinely considered stylish. No joke. If this was 2005, you’d probably have to pick out a glittery mini and a super tight Hollister emblazoned tank and spend 45 minutes in the bathroom trying to get your side bangs perfectly fluffy. But nowadays, you can throw a sporty hat over that greasy third day hair and slip on some leggings and a Brandy Melville tee and someone in line at Starbucks is bound to compliment you on your easy-breezy look. If you’re a newbie to the sporty look and are looking to become one of us lazy betches, look no further, we’re here to help you out.

1.) A pair of uniquely cool leggings

A pair of statement leggings is just the thing to boost your booty game from an 8 to a 10. Pair them with your letters or a plain black tee and you’ve got an outfit perfect for class. You'll have everyone "reading your pants" in no time.

2.) A pair of statement sneakers

Nike is the reigning queen of super fun sneakers, and once you buy your first everyday, pretty non-workout pair, shopping for more becomes an addiction. Take it from the girl with 6 pairs and counting, you’ll never wear flip-flops to class again.

3.) A simple track jacket

Just like Nike is the queen of sneakers, Adidas is the queen of sporty jackets. They’re constantly pairing up with super cool designers like Jeremy Scott and Kanye West to bring the public the freshest take on athleisure. A simple and classic Adidas Firebird jacket is all you need to throw over any top and immediately look put together and pretty badass.

4.) A matching sports bra and leggings set

The co-ord trend has been popping up in almost every sector of the fashion world in the past year, so seeing that it’s spread to athletic wear is no surprise. Throwing a tank with your letters on it over this duo gives a little peekaboo surprise, or even pairing this with your track jacket zipped up halfway makes a cute set.

5.) A hat repping your hometown’s team

Whether you’re from Boston or New York, I guarantee you there’s a super cute baseball hat for your hometown team. You can choose a neutral color or a bright pop, either way it’s a perfect finishing touch to cover up that bed head and save you 20 minutes at the mirror.