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33 Simple Things to be Grateful For

  1. The sun rising.
  2. A good stretch as soon as you wake up.
  3. Your morning ritual.
  4. A little bit of silence.
  5. Your favorite song coming on shuffle.
  6. When someone draws a smiley face or heart on your coffee cup.
  7. Good conversation over a yummy meal.
  8. The little things you do for yourself like buying flowers, writing happy notes or meditating.
  9. Light filtering through trees at the golden hour.
  10. Your favorite scent. It could be your favorite food or the perfume you use.
  11. A peaceful drive just to think.
  12. Someone holding the door open for you.
  13. Finishing your homework way before it’s due.
  14. A clean space. That could be your room or your mental state.
  15. Sitting outside in nature and feeling a breeze bring the fresh air to you.
  16. Animals. It may be your classmate’s dog that you see every Tuesday or a pet of your very own. They know what is important.
  17. A smile from a stranger.
  18. Getting crafty and creating something for the world.
  19. People who will always be there for you. Shoutout to the best friends.
  20. Not having a specific destination. Sometimes getting lost feels so right.
  21. A warm blanket fresh out of the dryer.
  22. Finding a penny on the ground. Good luck to you!
  23. Finishing all of your laundry.
  24. Laying in bed when its raining.
  25. Your safe spot, whether that’s with a particular person or a view on top of a hill to see all the twinkling lights.
  26. Teachers who truly want you to succeed.
  27. Having all the windows open in your car or home.
  28. Family. Without them, you wouldn’t be who you are and you wouldn’t be here.
  29. Your favorite PJs.
  30. Tucking yourself in after a long day.
  31. The little lines on your hands that remind you how beautifully human you are and that everything is connected.
  32. The sky because only something that all-encompassing can bring you back to perspective.
  33. Just being magically you. 
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