3 Reasons Why You Should Swipe Right

No one really cares why you’re on Tinder, but there are a handful of reasons as to why you should swipe right. I’m not trying to dictate you on your choices of swipe, but rather am giving you recommendations on how you can gain something productive or benefit from swiping right.


  1. If you actually find them attractive

Wow, and you matched? Either they swipe right on everyone or they actually find you attractive as well. Hopefully, his personality matches up. Just remember: Dating is great because there’s always the possibility of free food. Meaning, if the date sucks, you had some free tacos and a pretty face to look at.


2. If they have a dog or any cute animal

Do I need to say more? Them having a cute dog or animal means that YOU have a cute dog or animal. You have an excuse to play with a pug or find out why they got to hang out with a penguin. This person would not have put that teacup pig as one of their photos if they didn’t want to attract attention. They want you to come over and play with their pig, their cat or their puppy. Not to mention, it’s a great conversation starter. Make a power move, and be the first one to talk. Having the confidence to talk and sending the first message is always a step in the right direction to petting that labrador.


3. If you know them, if you have mutual connections with them or they go to your school

It’s always fun finding your friends on Tinder because that’s how you know whether they’re really your friend or not. If they swipe right and match, you two can give each other shit as to why you have this mobile dating app, but if they swipe left, then they’re not a real friend. Real friends make fun of each other and have fun with it. It’s a great pick-me-up.

If you have mutual connections with them, it’s also a swipe right because that way, you can hit up those friends to see if they can vouch for that person! It’s great if you actually found them attractive or if you find yourself to be super selective, this can be a way to weed them out. Just keep in mind, if you do end up matching with that person, you already have a conversation started. “How do you know ____?” Perfect. You can talk as much smack or praise as you want.

Going to a small, private university has given me the disadvantage of not having enough people to swipe. I have swiped on everyone on this campus. Swiping right on someone who goes to the same school is an excuse to get to know someone new on campus. They actually can end up being a new friend, a way to network (someone to swap LinkedIns with) or be spontaneous. Yes, you will most likely see them while walking to and from class, but it’s the “why not” factor. It’s also just a way to find people you wouldn’t normally run into on your day-to-day schedule.