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20 Things You Should Be Able To Do By Your 20s

1. Cook a meal that doesn’t have “Easy” in the title

2. Do your own laundry

3. Fill out a W-4 form by yourself

4. Have your driver’s license

5. Fix a flat tire

6. Make your own doctor’s appointments

7. Write a check

8. Open a bottle of champagne

9. Parallel park

10. Register yourself to vote

11. Make your own coffee

12. Write a cover letter

13. Be CPR-certified

14. Have your own credit card

15. Read a book that wasn’t assigned to you in class

16. Pick up your own prescriptions

17. Know the difference between types of birth control

18. Know how to unclog a toilet

19. Know how to treat a hangover

20. Have your social security number memorized

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