17 Lost GIFs That Perfectly Describe The Slightly Unstable College Girl's Life

1. Waking up to see your alarm didn't go off for the one class you actually enjoy. 

2. Forgetting your ID in your room but not realizing until you're at the front of the Starbucks line.

3. Trying in vain to sort through your symbolic logic homework.

4. Waiting outside your classroom with your best friend until the midterm you're unprepared for starts.

5. Signaling your sorority sisters from across the piazza. 

6. Being the friend who hears about insignificant Chapman drama first.

7. Finding out a friend of yours hasn't seen Unbreakable on Netflix yet. 

8. Running into last night's fling in the cafeteria.

9. When someone tries to make a dig in the comments of your best friend's Facebook post but you're a sass queen.

10. When someone tries to talk you out of $30 of midnight Chinese food delivery.

11. When you realize you have a hidden pint of leftover Ben & Jerry's in the freezer. 

12. Seeing that one class's grades on Blackboard after midterms. 

13. And realizing it's worth 20% of your overall grade. 

14. Listening to your friend arguing with her boyfriend on the phone in the backseat of your Uber while you're sitting up front with the driver. 

15. Or even worse, walking home from a party in the rain (Halloween 2014 anyone??). 

16. Staring through the metal jail bars at Doy's at 1:10am. 

17. And reading the cryptic messages written in the dust on the windows of random cars in the Glass parking structure and thinking they mean something.