16 Stages of Finals Week (As Told By James Franco)

We all gone from crying, to bouncing with caffeine, and about to murder someone throughout the battle of Finals Week.

1. It’s Saturday, I have a solid two days before finals week begins. I’m going to study my tush off and I’ll be fine!

2. Or I could watch Netflix…

3. No! I have to study! 

4. Holy moly I have my first final tomorrow, and I have not even opened my book. That’s fine, I’ll cram! 

5. I’ll remember all of this…right? 

6. First final is in 5 minutes. I should’ve slept. Scratch that, I got this! (I think.) 

7. That wasn’t as bad as a I thought! Phew, one down, four to go! This will be a breeze! 

8. Alrighty, let’s just review over the notes. Wait. Where are my notes? Did I even go to this class?! I’ll just email the professor asking her to post a review online. What was her name again?

9. TWO finals back to back? How about you just drown me in one of the fountains? 

10. You are a strong, independent woman who don’t need no degree. Or maybe not. I need to study.  

11. Sorry psychology, I need to follow every girl in my sorority on Instagram. Hmm, I wonder what my high school boyfriend is up to. Oh my gosh I haven’t talked to my grandmother in forever - I need to call her. I should color coordinate all of my clothes in my closet.  


13. Slowly…falling…asleep…we all know what time it is now. Coffee break! 

14. *plays pump up music while walking to exam*

15. Last…final…until…summer. I am big, I am strong, I am a star.

16. And you’re FREEEEEEEEEEE. Congrats! Reward yourself with some new shoes or a cupcake date, you deserve it! Happy summer!