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15 Thoughts From Parents’ Weekend, As Told By Parks and Rec

1. Thinking about seeing your parents


2. Realizing you need to clean your room


3. Waiting for your parents to arrive

4. Finally seeing your parents at the airport/train station/dorm


5. Hugging your mom


6. Eating a meal that is not from the cafeteria


7. Getting excited when your parent offers to pay for something you really wanted but couldn’t afford as a poor college student


8. Remembering how cool your parents are


9. When your mom starts asking about your grades


10. Introducing your parents to your friends


11. Eating more food


12. Trying – and failing – to explain stories to your parents


13. Showing your parents your campus hang out spots


14. Having to say goodbye to your parents


15. Realizing that Thanksgiving isn’t so far away, and you will see them soon

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