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13 Quick Halloween Costumes

Halloween is approaching quickly — one minute you have three weeks and the next you have three days. Between studying for midterms and juggling clubs or work, it’s easy to forget about a costume! Here are 13 fun and quick costume ideas for this year!

1) Unicorn

DIY horn: Grab a nice, thick piece of paper and roll it into a cone shape. Wrap a thick pink ribbon around the cone, then wrap a thin gold or silver ribbon on top of the pink ribbon. Once you’ve done that, use a hot glue gun, or gorilla glue, and glue the horn on a plain headband. Once you have the horn, you can pair it with a white top, a pink (or color of your choice) petticoat, some tights and you are ready to trot along a beautiful meadow.

2) Rosie the Riveter

A simple but original costume you can make with things you may already have! Throw on a denim button-up, put your hair up in a nice bun, and top it off with a red and white bandana. Pair the outfit with a 1940s retro makeup look, and you’ll be good to go!

3) Wednesday Addams

Channel your inner moody side, and pull out your little black dress. To make the look even more identical, put on a white collar shirt underneath your black dress and throw on some black tights. Braid your hair, try out a dark makeup look, and you’ll be a “homicidal maniac” (Wednesday Addams).

4) Sailor

Slip on some white knee high socks. Pair it with any T-shirt and skirt (navy blue with a black or white skirt scream “sailor”). Put on a sailor hat, and bon voyage!

5) White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland

Put those old bunny ears to use, and make the classic bunny costume more interesting by being the quick rabbit from Wonderland! That cute little fella wears a yellow top with a red blazer and a bowtie. For bottoms, you can really wear anything gray (pants, shorts, skirts, etc.). To add a final touch, carry around a little wristwatch or a giant clock! Hurry!

6) Alien/Space Princess

Ever feel like you came from a different planet? Here’s your chance to show the world (or just a couple Earthlings) your true self! Outfits may vary but wearing silver, white, or anything shiny/sparkly works! The key is the hair and makeup. I’d suggest twisting two buns in your hair and applying makeup that’s very shiny/sparkly (lots of highlighter!). Perhaps some dark or shiny lipstick. Peace out!

7) Mermaid

Who doesn’t want to be a mermaid? Grab any bra you don’t mind getting glue on, and glue on some seashells however you want (or you can use a bikini top)! After that, just slip on any shiny material maxi skirt. You can do a nice pearlescent makeup look to make the look enchanting. Now go swim with the sirens!

8) Disney Fairy

All the disney fairies have a color theme. So you can just dress in whatever color the fairy is (example: Rosetta wears a nice pink dress, so you’d dress in pink), and just add some wings! Don’t forget the pixie dust! Fly on!

9) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

The only thing cooler than a ninja is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! Dress in black and green. Use a backpack as your shell, slip on an eye mask and you’re ready to fight!

10) A chanel from scream queens

Be the classic “It” girl with style inspired by old Hollywood. Break out those heels and knee high socks. Keep the colors pastel. Add a fur coat and pearls to make the look extra snazzy. 

11) Winnie the Pooh

Grab a red T-shirt and some yellow bottoms for this super easy look. A pair of yellow bear ears will help people guess your costume right off the bat. Carry some honey with you, and you’ll have a nice snack (and perhaps a bubble tummy)!

12) Cowgirl

Grab your cowgirl booties, and hit the hay! Sport it with your favorite flannel or collared top, some denim shorts or jeans and your cowgirl hat. Yeeehaw!

13) Black or white swan

Cruise through an enchanting lake with this beautiful costume. You can either use a leotard or bodysuit as your base. If you feel fancy, add some feathers. Slip on a tutu and some ballet shoes (or just sneakers), put on some pink tights, and throw your hair up in a bun. You can look up a fierce Black Swan tutorial on Youtube or have a clean, simple look for the white swan costume. Glide on!



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