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12 Struggles of Being a College Girl (as told by Michael Cera)

1. When you’re just having one of those days

2. Finding out that the hot guy who sits next to you in class actually has a girlfriend

3. But you stare at him anyway, even if it means getting caught

4. Forcing yourself to go to class because all of your professors actually take attendance

5. And you study hard for one of their tests but the questions are nothing like the lectures

6. The feeling you get when you finally bring yourself to check Blackboard and wonder what happened to your grades

7. That time of year when all the ridiculous drama starts between your friends 

8. And you try your best to calm everyone down

9. Not wanting to ruin things with one of your cute guy friends…

10. …but the sexual tension is just too real

 11. Trying to juggle school, work, and an increasing amount of extracurriculars but also wanting to get a decent amount of sleep

12. But finally coming to terms with your actual priorities in life

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