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10 Tips for Staying Positive

Life is one crazy adventure. Sometimes we’ll be cruising along and something unpleasant will be thrown at us. Or at times we just won’t feel 100% fantastic. It’s easy to let negative thoughts take over your life, here are some tips on how to learn to dance in the rain!  

1. Relax. It’s important to let your mind and body relax. Take some time out of your day to just lay (or sit/stand/etc.) and just think about nothing. I personally love doing yoga to help but do whatever your soul desires.  

2. Remember not to compare your life to others. Everyone’s life is different which is why there is zero point in comparing your life to others. It’s such a challenge to do that but the sooner you understand that you are on your own voyage of life, the sooner you’ll enjoy life!  

3. Be kind to others. Sometimes when we aren’t feeling the best, it’s easy to lash out or ignore people we care about (or even strangers). I personally feel good when I make those around me feel good about themselves. Say hello so someone, give someone a compliment, or remind your friends and family you care about them!  

4. Do something that makes you happy. Do a favor for yourself! That can be watching a movie, going for a hike, painting your nails, listening to your favorite music (Christmas music is great for lifting your spirit), cuddling up to a nice book, or etc.! If you’re feeling adventurous, go out and try something new!  

5. Talk to your loved ones. When going through tough times, it’s important to not bottle up those emotions because it can build up which will not be fun when that bottle explodes. Even if it’s hard to let out your feelings, I can guarantee that the person you talk to will be glad to listen and help you. Life is easier (and more fun) when doing it with others. ;) Also try petting a dog, that usually does it.  

6. Focus on what you have rather than what you don’t have. Remember how lucky you are! Again, similar to comparing, don’t look at what everyone else has but look at what you do have. Remember that life has a weird way of working out so everything you need will eventually come to you if it’s meant to be.  

7. Get excited! You never know what pleasant surprise is in the near future. Sometimes in our low points of life, around the corner is a wonderful surprise! You may meet someone new who will play a large role in your happiness, maybe you’ll land your dream job, or maybe you’ll win a trip around the world! Life is unpredictable, which makes it much more exciting!  

8. Envision your goals and dreams. Try making a list of what you want to accomplish this week, month, or year! Think about what you want your life to be (I’ve done it many times, it’s quite entertaining). Then take steps to make those dreams come true! This will get you to excited about life and not dwell on the past. (But don’t forget to live in the present too!)  

9. Avoid people who make you feel down, or try to help them. It’s crazy how much the people around us can affect us. No matter how happy you are, if the people around you are Debbie Downers, you will not reach your full potential of happiness! You can either just stop hanging around those people or help them! Remind them that life is a party or just simply be kind to them! I’m sure they will appreciate it.  

10. Take care of yourself. Remember that your body is not a machine and not feeling healthy can make you feel crabby. Sleep at least 7 hours a night (I know it’s hard but make an effort to accomplish this). Eat rainbows (lots of fruits and veggies). And keep sippin’ on that H2O!

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