10 Times Morgan Tookers Understood You on a Spiritual Level

1. When there is no line at the Chapman Starbucks and you walk straight up to the cash register

2. When your watching Netflix in bed on a Friday night and bae texts you an address to a party

3. When you realize your crush is actually a normal person and has manners/social ques

4. He always knows what to do in emegergencies

5. When you are broke but want to show the world that you own at least one nice thing

6. When speak the truth to your friends

7. When your crush FINALLY texts you first

8. When you put together an outfit that is worthy of New York fashion week

9. When you're trying to be cute and flirty but instead come on a little too strong

10. When its 2 am on a Saturday night and your friend just NEEDS one more photo together