10 Thoughts You Have While Trying to Find Parking On Campus

1. Thank God I set my alarm 30 minutes early so I could find decent parking on campus. I bet no one else is this smart. I may even be the smartest person at this school.


2. Why is it 9 am and the Lastinger parking lot only has 20 spots left. There’s no way that many people are on campus this early in the morning. Knowing my luck I’ll spot someone leaving right as I pull in.



3. Why are there hundreds of reserved spots that NO ONE EVER USES. I COULD BE PARKING THERE.


4. Whatever I bet the Law School parking garage will have a spot. Its a little bit of a hike but I’ll manage. Once again, thank God I woke up so early. I would have been really screwed if I slept in.


5. There’s no way that this five story garage is FULL. I don’t believe it. I’m going in.


6. Well the meter was right. Technology is amazing. I’m honestly more in disbelief than anything. This school has way more people here than I thought. 


7. *ten minutes later after driving down 5 floors of parking* Well I’m going to be late so that’s great. I am a mess. I am a failure. This is why I can’t have nice things. I cannot believe I have to park at Dodge aka 20 MILES AWAY FROM CAMPUS. 


8. Ok finally. Found a spot. This is honestly a personal victory at this point.


9. I legitimately think its 100 degrees out. I do not think I’m going to make it to campus without passing out. Am I in Orange California or the Sahara Desert??


10. Drenched in sweat and 15 minutes late to class. I really need to get my life together. I'll plan better tomorrow so this never happens again.