10 Signs You Know You Go To Chapman

1. You have complained about the Chapman air conditioning multiple times. This picture is an accurate representation of what going to class is like for you:

2. You see at least ten people you know on each walk to class.

3. You've purchased your dress for formal the day of. Thank you, Coco Rose. 

4. Girls chasing after each other with balloons attached to their legs is considered normal during Greek Week. (Photo Credit.)

5. You've spent $5 on coffee at the Aussie Bean. Mulitple times. (Anything for those Koala bears.)

6. More people attend Skit than sporting events. 

7. You can always find free food somewhere on campus.

8. You know exactly what Search and Build Preferred List is.

9. You've taken that dreaded Thursday morning 8am final. You know what I mean..

10. You consider ESI's a stable form of income.