10 Reasons Laguna Beach is the Best City in California

  1. The hiking trails will take your breath away, physically and emotionally. The hills will give you an ass-kicking workout and the views at The Top of the World will leave you speechless. It’s the perfect way to get in shape with friends or even a possible date idea with your special person.
  2. Laguna even had it's own TV show starring the one and only, Lauren Conrad. Slowly dying of jealousy everytime I watch an episode. 

  3. Each beach is unique. Whether you are going to Thousand Steps, Table Rock, or Fisherman’s Cove, each beach is completely different from the other, with differing scenery and people. The best is going to each and finding the one that best matches your personality, and trust me, there’s a beach for everyone in Laguna.

  4. You can sip mimosas while watching the beautiful California sunset at Las Brisas Restaurant. A uber romantic date idea with your lover or a fun night out with the girls. It even has all you can eat brunch on Saturdays & Sundays.

  5. Hot surfers everywhere. Gorgeous bodies, sun-kissed skin, beautiful blonde hair, and don’t forget the piercing blue eyes. God bless Laguna Beach and the eye candy it holds.

  6. The drive up PCH is one of the most beautiful and relaxing things to do throughout the year. Whether it be in December or July, PCH is astounding all year round and the best part, it’s completely free. Just get in a car, blast your tunes and drive. Soon enough you’ll find your bliss.

  7. There’s never nothing to do. From eating in the most precious restaurants such as Zinc or Urth cafe to strolling down the sidewalks, you can never be bored in Laguna. Even if you get bored of the amazing view (which is almost impossible), there’s a cinema right there so you can watch the new movie you’ve been dying to see.

  8. It will make your instagram fire. The scenery and lighting make for the most perfect instagram worthy photo you could possibly take. With the ocean and sand in the background, who wouldn’t want to like such an aesthetic photo?

  9. Fashion is everything. No matter what store you go into, you’ll fall in love with something. From Hobbie to LF to Muse, you will never purchase an “out of style” item and will always be ahead of the fashion game.

  10. Can we just mention the uber attractive boys again? I mean come on, have you seen them? They’re perfect. Each one can be a J Crew or Vineyard Vines model. People watching just got ten times better here in Laguna.