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10 Life Lessons To Learn From Corinne

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapman chapter.

Introducing the Top Ten Life Lessons to Learn from Corinne, because “The Bachelor” brings new meaning to “reality” TV.


1. Be bold and brave.

“I didn’t go into this photoshoot with no clothes. I was daring enough to actually have clothes, then take them off.”

Strive to be *this* brave.


2. Be straightforward with what you want.

“Can I interrupt you guys? I’m interrupting you.”

Hey, there’s no question about what you want.


3. Be modest.

“I wanna get a boob job, but like, a tiny one.”

Need I explain?


4. Find inspiration in those who came before you.

“Michael Jordan took naps. Abraham Lincoln took naps.”

Don’t blame me, okay? They did it too.


5. Remind people of your qualifications.

“Listen, I’m not an idiot. I run a multimillion-dollar company!”

Never let anyone mistake you for an idiot.


6. Be honest, always.

“I’m not going to be fake or lie or anything like that.”

Don’t do anything like that.


7. Have good character.

“I’m a good person. I’m not just saying that.”

It’s about character, not reputation.


8. Communicate your emotions.

“I’m like, angry”

Just be clear, ya know?


9. Treat your friends well, but your nanny better.

“I wouldn’t even let my nanny do farm chores.”

It’s all about respect.


10. Have confidence.

“My heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum.”

Yes, even if it’s about that.