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The 10 Guys You’ll Meet In College

1. The senior everyone loves

We all know and appreciate him, and we see him pretty much everywhere on campus. He’s attractive, funny, outgoing, and basically friends with everybody. He has a killer smile and an all around great personality. If you’re not a senior, you’re guaranteed to be sad to see him go after graduation.

2. The all around perfect football player

You’ve seen him around, and you’ve watched him on the field. He’s athletic, handsome, and energetic. He’s your swoon-worthy typical all-American athlete. He’s the guy you would want to take home to meet your family. How could anyone not love him?


3. The life of the party

You see him every time you go out. He’s always high in spirits, energy, and excitement. He’s at the center of the dance floor, knows everyone in attendance, and has a good time wherever he goes. He’s the kind of guy you want to spend your Saturday night out with. You’re almost guaranteed an amazing time.

4. The total frat guy

He’s most likely the president of his chapter. When Greek Week rolls around, he’s involved in every activity. He’s the star of skit every year and the most enthusiastic in events. He is passionate about everything Greek life and makes an effort to mention his affiliation every chance he gets. Since he’s also probably the one throwing the parties, it’s best to get to know him.


5. The one in your class

If Intro to Statistics wasn’t a requirement for general education, you probably wouldn’t have met him. He’s cute, studious, and helpful when you need him. He’s always on top of his work and knows when every assignment is due. The best way to talk to him outside of class is to ask him a question about it. How convenient?


6. The hot one on your floor

When living in the dorms, you’re practically bound to notice the abundance of attractive guys with rooms just down the hall. The one from your floor with the great smile is one you’ll want to get to know. However, be careful of what happens between you two. Don’t forget you’ll have to see him nearly everyday until you move out!


7. The foreign guy with the hot accent

The moment you hear him speak, you know it’s love. Just kidding. But he does have an incredibly intriguing voice and, not to mention, some dashing good looks. He’s not from this country, so showing him around is a great way to spark a connection. And who said you have to travel to another continent to find a sexy nonnative?!



8. The guy who’s too into his art

He’s more than thrilled to be a film student, or a theatre major, or a fine arts enthusiast. He spends most of his free time working on projects, even when he doesn’t have to. He’ll bail on hanging out to put in work on an ongoing assingment. He cares more about his creativity than girls. But hey, it will all pay off in the end, right?


9. The quiet one

His soft-spoken ways catch your interest. He’s shy and sweet, which in turn makes you want to know more about him. Whenever you see him you share a smile and a slight wave. He’s polite and a gentleman, but also someone with obvious emotional intelligence. The less he talks, the more you want to learn about who he is.


10. The guy you’ve never actually met

He’s someone you admire from afar. Not in a stalker-like way, but you notice when he’s around. You’ve seen him riding his skateboard to and from class. You have some mutual friends but you don’t know much else about him – you might not even know his name. But get up the courage to introduce yourself. After all, what’s there to lose?

Danielle is a spoken word artist from Chicago and a nationally ranked slam poet who previously competed with the Los Angeles youth team. She has a strong fascination with sunflowers, a love for crows, and an addiction to tattoos.
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