#WinterWonderland: If Life's Got You Down, Take A Walk Through Your Own Winter Wonderland

Life is full of ups and down — exams are (well) exams, winter can sometimes give you the blues, and sometimes the holiday season just doesn't quite cheer you up the way it should. That's okay though, but if you're feeling a little down this holiday season, then try taking a breath of fresh air — and take a walk through your own winter wonderland. 

What is a winter wonderland? Well, it's whatever you make it, but let's say that it's the great outdoors in the colder season. It's the place where sometimes snow falls, and sometimes it doesn't. You may need two or three layers of clothing, or one may be enough — but it's the place where a slight chill swirls through the air, and if you let it, it's the place where you might feel better.

This winter (and holiday) season, take a walk through your own winter wonderland. Let the cool winter breeze tickle your nose. Put your mittens on, warm your hands in your pockets, and take a deep breath of some sweet fresh air.

Walk in a forest. Walk through a park. Walk in whatever makes you feel at peace or one with nature. 

Sit on a park bench and read a book. Read a poem. Write a poem or a short story of your own! Let your pen or pencil hit the paper, and swirl a few lines of whatever comes to mind — and find peace in your surrounding (and warmth in your comfy winter coat). 

Life is full of ups and down, and the winter season is bound to have a few. It's a new season of living, its a shift to stressful times of final exam — but at least the holiday season comes soon after. If you're into the holidays, the listen to some Christmas music. If you have snow, then throw some up in the air, or let it fall into your hair — and maybe do a fun little twirl around for a bit. Make a snow angel or start a snowball fight.

Let life carry you into happy times. Let it carry you right out of the bad. Let nature, and the beautiful planet that we live on take you right into new seasons of love and joy. 

If life's got you down, take a walk through your own winter wonderland. The world is beautiful, and it will lead you straight to happiness, so long as you let it.