Why I Hate Grocery Shopping

I absolutely despise grocery shopping. I put it off for as long as I possibly can because I just don't like doing it. I will literally consume all of my ramen noodle packs and soups before I force myself to go get groceries. I go grocery shopping with my best friend, Sarah, but we hate it equally. I try to make a list to make the tedious process easier, but I usually forget something and only remember by the time I am either on the drive home or already unloading my bags in the kitchen. I have a new appreciation for my mom and how she shopped for four of us all by herself for years. I want to learn how to buy groceries in an organized way.

When I walk into Harris Teeter, I immediately start sweating while grabbing my cart. As I push my cart through the aisles to get my food, I apologize excessively and unnecessarily to everyone that I am even slightly in the way of. If someone is already at the section that I need to get to, I sometimes just decide I don't really need to get that food anyway or try to circle back at the end of my shopping trip — if I remember. I am also really bad at making decisions, so most of the time I will just stick to my ole faithful purchases instead of trying new things. 

I will say, I have gotten better since the start of my grocery shopping career. My first trip, I was completely lost, I won't lie. I walked in thinking that I would know exactly how to grocery shop, but I was slapped in the face real quick with the reality that Harris Teeter is, in fact, a labyrinth. I had no idea where things were, and I did not know what path I was supposed to take through the store. 

I hope that I get better at grocery shopping soon because a girl gotta eat.