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Weekend Plan Ideas for the Non-Frequent Partygoer

I wouldn’t classify myself as a homebody per say, but if I had the option of getting dressed up for a party or putting on some jammies and watching Netflix, I’d choose the latter. Now don’t get me wrong, going to a party every once in a while is fun, but it’s not something I want to do every weekend. After asking fellow Tar Heels about weekend plans that don’t involve partying, here are some cool ideas to try out!

Have a meal night!

Gather all your friends, go grocery shopping, and make some yummy food together! Not only do you get a chance to bond, but you can add some competitive twists. UNC senior Kenna S. said that one weekend, she and her roommates decided to use Top Chef as their inspiration when having meal night. “We gathered a bunch of different ingredients, ones that kind of worked well together, mixed them up in a basket, then went head-to-head trying to make a creative dish! It was so much fun and definitely brought us closer together.”

Go to an adventure park!

Have an active group of friends? Try going to an adventure park. Hannah Y., a junior at UNC, did just that. “My freshman year my roommates and I went to Xtreme Park Adventures in Durham. They have so many different fun activities! We choose to do paintball and zipline. The paintball definitely hurt, but it was a good hurt, if that’s ever a thing!”


Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community, and it’s a healthy alternative if you want to go out and not party. Jessica M., a sophomore at UNC, says “I actually met my boyfriend volunteering with Habitat for Humanity! I was going because I wanted something else to do on the weekend instead of drink and party, so now I have a cause that I’m passionate about and a boyfriend!”

Check out the Local Scene!

Take the free time you have to check out the local scene around your school. Many communities have traditions or events that are native to that place. If wandering around isn’t your thing, try searching Facebook for events in your area. “I’m constantly checking the events page on Facebook” says UNC senior Ingrid T.. “I get to see cool new events that are happening and if my friends are going. Even if they aren’t, I’m able to make other friends because of our shared interests!”

While going to parties are sometimes a great stress reliever, there’s more to being in college than just partying. Take a second to try new things, meet new friends, and make new experiences!

What’s your go-to weekend plan if you’re not partying?

A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Maurianna served as a Senior Editor and Marketing Publicity Director before becoming Campus Correspondent. Majoring in English with a concentration in Writing, Editing, and Digital Publication, she combines her love of words and digital design as the founder of a lifestyle blog, Anna Elle Liz, and brand + web design business, Mauri's Markups. When she’s not working, you can find her volunteering at the animal shelter, binge-watching home decor shows, or finding quaint coffee shops around town.
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