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Vote for Health this Election Season

You’ve probably been bombarded this fall with Facebook videos, posters and people on campus with signs telling you to vote, however you align politically. Given the massive political changes that have taken place since the 2016 election, this midterm election is a key one for a lot of topics. One of the issues that the heavily Republican government is looking to legislate now is women’s healthcare.

Since the repeal of Obamacare, healthcare has been up for a lot of debate in the American legislative bodies. Planned Parenthood and Roe v. Wade are just a few examples of the reproductive rights and protections that are endangered in the current conservative government. There’s been plenty of publicity about this, but I’ll remind you that a majority of Planned Parenthoods provide health care to people of all genders, are crucial in providing resources to people who might not have them otherwise and do not provide abortions.

Conservative governments have seen abstinence-only sex-education in schools, limitations of women’s access to birth control and severe restrictions on abortions that place women in danger. If we, as young people, as women, do not show up to vote this season, these changes will only accelerate and exacerbate, pulling the United States backward in time.

Young people are one of the key underrepresented voting groups. Abstaining from voting in the 2016 election did not serve any purpose. The current government has made it clear that women’s health and reproductive rights are not priorities, and consequently, it is up to us to vote and choose a government that values our lives and freedoms.

Early voting is now open in Orange County, with same-day registration available. Check out ocvote.com to get more information about voting locally.

Isabel Uzsoy

Chapel Hill

Isabel is a junior at UNC majoring in computer science and English literature. She enjoys reading, coffee, and good times with good friends.
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