The Ultimate Last Semester at UNC Bucket List

On the first day of freshman year, graduation seems like it is an eternity away. It’s a day that no freshly minted college student has any real conception of. But for all those seniors who are going to be heading out into the real world in less than three months, there is now no bigger reality than walking across that stage in Kenan Stadium.

To make sure that your time as a Tar Heel goes out with a bang, HC UNC has put together the ultimate last semester at UNC bucket list!

  • Go to the UNC-Duke game
  • Rush Franklin after Carolina victory at above game
  • Participate in a beer Olympics
  • Go on a ridiculously fun spring break trip with all your friends
  • Spend some “quality time” with someone on eighth floor Davis
  • Get a kvetch published in the DTH
  • Get someone with a meal plan to swipe you and your friends into Rams’ late night
  • Unashamedly proposition that one person you’ve always wanted to hook up with
  • Go to one last frat party as a tribute to your freshman year shenanigans
  • Have a night where you treat yourself to as many blue cups as your heart desires
  • Tailgate the spring football game
  • Have dinner on the Top of the Hill patio (turns out it’s a restaurant during the day)
  • If you’ve never been, go to Players…
  • Win that long-awaited intramural championship T-shirt
  • Have an unnecessarily long brunch with all your friends at Breadmen’s
  • Streak during finals (or at least watch everyone else do it)
  • Feel instant regret after eating a cheddar-chicken biscuit at Time Out after 2 a.m.
  • Feel zero regret after eating your favorite [B]SKI after 2 a.m.
  • Do Senior Bar Golf
  • And of course, make it to graduation!

Think we missed an essential part of the Carolina experience? Sound off with a comment below!

Enjoy your last semester seniors!

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