TV Recap: Jane the Virgin is Back!

Everybody remain calm! Jane the Virgin premiered the first episode of its final season, and I am freaking out!

There will be a ton of spoilers, both of past seasons and the most recent episode. This is your warning! Leave now or forever hold your peace.

My pre-show thoughts are simply this: IS THAT REALLY MICHAEL???? And if so, I have no clue what's going to happen. I was a mega shipper of Jane and Michael but was really rooting for her and Rafael by the end of season four. I am so conflicted, and I have a feeling I'm going to be for at least a couple of episodes. Le sigh. Happy endings are never that easy, are they?

1) Okay, so Michael is alive....but he has amnesia. Classic. Honestly, I want Michael/Jason to remember, but would that be even more painful for Jane? I don't know, but I feel like even if Michael comes back, I don't think him and Jane will be endgame. They already had their fairytale - albeit a short one. I'm ready for Jane and Raf to head off into the sunset.

2) Talking about reunions, poor Rogelio is going to be crushed. He and Michael were so close, and I'm sure this is going to hurt (and be very dramatic in the process).

3) Ugh, this is just painful! There's so much sadness going on - Michael having amnesia, Petra and JR breaking up, Milos after the kids, Rose withholding information to stalk Louisa- but where does it end? Also, is Xo okay? She still has cancer and we haven't gotten an update on her. Give me the humor, people! Give me some light at the end of the tunnel!

4) Gina Rodriguez just delivered the monologue of a lifetime! It made me cry, cringe and laugh. I read on Twitter (not the most reliable source, I know) that the monologue was seven pages long in the script and Rodriguez filmed it in one take. That takes skill, and honestly, where's the Emmy already?

5) If Petra and Jason/Michael are going to be a thing, I'm gonna puke. I think that Petra is too good of a person to do that to Jane. She and Jane have really become close this past season, so I'm going to put some trust in Petra and rely on her doing the right thing. Plus, she's still in love with JR. Can you tell I'm trying to calm myself down?

6) "Also, I'm bisexual. It was you." YES, Petra, drag that good for nothing ex-husband!

7) I'm really hating Jason. He's so judgemental and doesn't seem that considerate about Jane's feelings. Brett Dier is doing a great job of making me hate his face (that's for sure), even though it wasn't too long ago that I wanted my own Michael (and still do!). And that's what we call acting.

8) Okay, I'm definitely on team Jafael (Jane and Rafael's ship name) right now. But who knows where I'll be at if Michael's memory comes back. Honestly, I'll just be one big hot mess.

9) And now Jason/Michael shares his ~feeling ~!! NO. Show, do not make me feel more conflicted than I am already! My heart can't take much more, and my brain is a mess trying to figure this all out.

10) That scene between Xo and Raf was so short, heartfelt and vulnerable. It's so impressive how these actors can emote so much in such a short time, and now I feel even worse for Raf. He deserves to finally be happy and be with Jane like he always wanted.

11) I'm so glad that Jane is deciding to write her truth. She felt Michael's death, she experienced that grief and just because he's miraculously back from the dead does not negate that experience.

12) For this 12th reaction, I'm at the flashback scene to Michael's funeral, and yes, I'm openly crying in my dorm lobby. The tears are silent, but the sniffling is not.

13) So Jafael had their moment, which was beautiful, but the narrator is just gonna ruin that with a whole big "So they thought??" What does that mean, narrator? Also, I am so excited to finally figure out who this elusive narrator is. Apparently they've been dropping clues since season 1, but I haven't picked up on them at all.

14) Jane and Michael/Jason just had a moment and now my heart is back to hurting; it needs a break y'all. 

15) At the end of the episode, it looks like Rose has concocted another scheme, and this time she has a team to back her up. Are we really that surprised? Honestly, I'm a fan of the show because of the characters and the amazing actors who play them. The Rose plot line (and therefore Louisa) has never really interested me much, and I'm looking forward to the day she doesn't cause any drama.

Final Thoughts

That episode was rough! Not objectively speaking, but emotionally speaking. I cried, I laughed and then I cried some more. This first episode was a great premiere because it answered some questions and introduced new internal and external antagonists. Though it's bittersweet that this fitfth season is the show's last, I'm sure it's going to be amazing. Season five seems like it's going to be a rollercoaster of emotions, and I'm hopping on for the ride. Are you?