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#TurkeyTalk: Gratuitous List of Things I’m Hungry For

The stereotypical dining hall craze that first-year students seem to experience en masse has diminished. I miss home cooked meals, and, as I compose this listicle, hedonistically, six days before I’m due to head home for the Thanksgiving holiday, I’m salivating. 


Quiche Lorraine

I’ve noticed a trend with my other Italian-American friends that, despite this being a French dish, our culture really manages to whip it up best. Our family recipe is no exception. It’s served on Thanksgiving morning during the parade, and the wafting scent when I come downstairs after waking up? Incomparable.

Mashed Potatoes

Classic and rated highly for a reason. At home, I’m the designated taste tester — not to flex, but I’ve been told I have a gift: I can signal when there is enough milk in a batch, enough butter, if it’s been beaten well enough. It’s a burden I gladly carry.

Chocolate Pie

It’s just fancy pudding in a pie crust (I think?), and, honestly, I couldn’t ask for anything else. It hits different in November; that’s for sure.


Apple Pie

See, I don’t even like apple pie all that much. I’m just using this to humbly brag and let everyone know that I make a kickass apple pie. Perfect cinnamon:apple ratio [chef’s kiss].


Because we are not heathens, our family consumes the stuffing outside the turkey. There are little, cut up apple slices and sausage bits, and I am personally responsible for picking apart the bread — typically as I angle my chair, so I can watch the SNL Thanksgiving medley at the same time.


As a kid, the meat was my least favorite part of the meal, but as I get older, I can tell you that a good drumstick or wing is absolutely divine. Sometimes, a good taste of dark meat is all it takes to convert you.

Being Grateful for Family and Friends <3

I’m just kidding. I meant my mom’s divine bread bowl dip.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.

Grace Yannotta

Chapel Hill '23

Grace Yannotta is a freshman at UNC, double majoring in English and History. She is a 2019 Best of the Net nominee and has work published or forthcoming in Parhelion Lit, Ghost City Press, Pider Mag, Rabid Oak, Mojave Heart Review, and Rise Up Review, among others. You can find her on Twitter @lgyanno.
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